Saturday’s Heroes

Saturday's Heroes leaning against some raggarbilar.

”Hometown Serenade” is Saturday´s Heroes new 15 tracks album that was released the 18th of September. With sharp melodies, pounding drums, guitars and bass blasting from the tube amps and most important of all, tons of heart. A hard working band with lots of hours on the road and almost a year working on this new album. The album blends punk and folk rock together to straight forward and honest melodic rock. Strongly rooted in the American song writing tradition the band have ploughs it´s own way and have taken several steeps from their début album Set to sail.

Hometown Serenade is an album about growing up and taking the next step, changing what was and aiming for the future. The band steeped up their efforts and recorded their new album in Studio Underjorden with Joona Hassinen that previously worked with bands as Year of the Goat and Dead Soul. The recording session saw the band putting more focus on song writing and recording a large part of the album live kept the soul and heart of the songs. Their storytelling is illustrated with artwork by artist Mattias Frisk who previously worked with Ghost and Night. Saturday´s Heroes have toured Europe several times and have released one album and three EP´s on German label Bandworm before signing to Lövely Records.

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