TOMMA INTET (meaning: “nothingness”) is a collective with an undefined amount of members, born in Sweden during the winter of 2016 and is based on the idea of enlightenment and transcendence. TOMMA INTET is a state of mind. It is the world you experience when you leave something old and destructive and decide to evolve into something new and unknown.

Long time childhood friends Mange and Tobias grew up together in the small city of Borås, about an hour from Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. Raised on records by the Ramones, Heartbreakers and Stooges, they found each other in the love of music, alcohol and rock n’ roll. Mange remembers: “We used to meet at an old guy’s basement and drink beer and listen to music. This guy ‘Jarl’ also had a lot of instruments that he had made by himself, like electric guitars and a drum kit with some 15 toms. We were there all the time and it was all we wanted to do in our lives. And we were still like 12 years old, so Jarl who was four times our age had to buy the beers for us.” Several years and bands later they formed the punk/pop act The High Hats in late 2000. With their new friend Jacob on guitar they released two albums and went touring through Europe the following years. The band got a buzz, played at the big festival stages and won awards for best independent rock band in Sweden – with a trail of destruction and mayhem along the way. “The music started coming in second hand and every night was about surviving ‘til the next day”, Tobias says. “It gets to you, and when your old friends starts dying around you, it’s like you have to wake up and set a new path.”

Coming down from the punk life on the road the three started writing new material that was something different from before. The inspiration could come from acts like The Band, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Broder Daniel, Beatles, Stones or even Darkthrone – music and riffs that needed no boundaries and an open mind. Looking for the wall of sound they found Gittan, Tobbe and Cretan in the city of Gothenburg and synthesizers, drums and bass were added to the three guitars and the foundation of a growing collective was a fact. A collective they named TOMMA INTET. “It came to us one night on tour in Spain a couple of years back”, Jacob recalls. “We were laying on our backs, smoking and watching the stars surrounding us. The empty nothing of everything. Those two words have followed us ever since.“ Just a couple of months after their first show the band got signed to Lövely Records and released two 7” singles – There is a star in every grain b/w Sirens and Through the circle of a rope b/w 1968 (available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Google Play worldwide). “Now we understood we were on to something”, lead singer Mange remembers. “It’s like you have had an idea your whole life and then suddenly all the pieces starts getting together. Like a revelation.”

To this date the collective have played national and international festivals, performed sold out shows together with acts such as K-X-P, The Fresh & Onlys, Hurula and Cosmonauts, played live in Swedish national radio  and last spring ‘Sirens’ was voted one of the best songs hailing from Sweden in 2017 in the national radio show Musikguiden i P3. On top of that, this cold winter the collective filled a van with instruments and recording gear and took off to a cabin on the Swedish countryside, very much what the Rolling Stones had done 45 years earlier on ‘Exile on Main St.’ Isolated, focused and determined on getting the wall of sound together they started the recording of their debut album ‘…And the Fallen Universe’. The result is best described as the sound of Scandinavian nature – dramatic and energetic, yet fragile and beautiful, somewhere in between the 60’s dreamy pop music and the 80’s new wave. It’s like you would have Mamas and the Papas in a bar brawl with Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers and it would sound just like ‘Montparnasse’ (a song in Swedish that actually is dedicated the life and music of J.T.). The driving beat in ‘Falling From The Edge Of The World’ echoes a more recent War On Drugs and the younger audience of Ty Segall will get their share in the thriving ‘The Priest And The Pig’. And of course, you will feel the Ramones’ aura embrace ‘Moderat’, a snotty pastiche on The Dils’ punk classic ‘I Hate The Rich’.

With screaming, electric guitars accompanied by a wall of harmonies on top of lyrics reminding us about death and love, TOMMA INTET ‘…And the Fallen Universe’ is the soundtrack of our last days left on this earth.

The world is burning, now let us burn with it…






There Is A Star In Every Grain EP
Through The Circle Of A Rope EP